Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Management of Impartiality
OneCert International is a legal entity responsible for certification activities. In its impartiality policy and public statement reference to these legal entities is mentioned.

Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Committees and the whole Staff of OneCert International fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification Activities. In all its dealings with clients or potential clients, OneCert International will ensure that all employees or other personnel remain impartial at all stages of the certification process.

OneCert International Quality Policy
OneCert International’s goals are:

  • to provide the best value in certification services
  • hire and train staff to meet customer expectations for excellent quality customer service
  • obtain accreditation for certification in major world markets to provide certification to all major importing country’s standards.
  • maintain and improve integrity with continuous improvement of the quality system.

FSMS Quality Policy
Achieve a high level of quality in all aspects of its work by the adoption of documented quality assurance procedures complying with criteria set out in ISO 17021:2015 & ISO 22003:2013 for FSMS certification and to achieve & maintain the efficient certification process in compliance with the NABCB accreditation.

Complaint & Appeal
Under the provisions of OneCert International’s certification procedure, any decision that is taken in respect of granting withholding, renewal, suspension or cancellation of certification under the NPOP, NOP, EEC 834/2007, and ISO-22000 can be appealed against us.

A complaint can be lodged by an Operator or against Operator or staff in writing or details for the procedure please write to:
Sandeep Bhargava (CEO) Sandeep@onecert.net

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Impartiality Policy

Food Safety Policies

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